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Monday, 14 April 2014

i've once been told

that this world actually a place full of role play
there would be a person that once care about you
then..that person would be long gone 
comes with the phrases of "so close yet so far"

the phrases :) that phrases will eat you inside out
you occasionally see them laughing with you
you would remember every detail of what happened back then
for what is worth
you actually put your hope too high
cause what happens now is not back then

now some of you may thought it was a relationship between a men and a women
for somehow it never was

you write for how you feels
this is how i feels

alone.dark.misplace.misfit. exactly not your world that i've once live in
so tell me,,,what happens with then? what happens now? why we live such different world
when once you were mine and i was yours 
what happen to those relationship
that was once friends
that was once family
that was once understanding

i leave your world simply because i seems to never fit in anymore
i left cause you seems to be fine and happy and forgotten about me

let me remind you :) im glad i was once in your world :) thank you *sorry my broken english :)

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